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Brest recent comments:

  • Gunpowder bunker, Valik (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    По состоянию на 22.10.2017 - Огражден и наглухо закрыт.
  • Marketplace, yogi555 wrote 7 years ago:
    the marketplace was built in the 1970s
  • East Fort, yogi555 wrote 7 years ago:
    it's more correct to call it the East Fort, as it is mentioned in Wikipedia's article about the Brest Fortress
  • Ploska cemetery, ltlf wrote 7 years ago:
    Кладбище "Плоска"
  • Hotel Vesta, Guest (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    It's incredible:)
  • Slayanka-Brest, rvklaus wrote 8 years ago:
  • Brest Bread Plant, Renessaince wrote 10 years ago:
    А дзе хлебазавод?
  • Brest Bread Plant, vova (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • KGB, miascovy (guest) wrote 11 years ago:
    Levonevski street 8
  • St. Simon's Orthodox Cathedral, Denis (guest) wrote 11 years ago:
    Семеновская церковь